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Unleashing the Power of Breath

BreathHouse Signature

Our signature 45 minute BreathHouse class integrates many different breathwork

practices designed to build up your resilience to stress.


Class starts with mobility and self-guided soft tissue release to support more efficient breathing and then continues on into a program that is used to find control over our autonomic nervous system, optimizing human function and allowing you to show up in a big way!

Membership Details

  • Live Classes

    45 minute BreathHouse Signature Live classes 2+/week powered by Zoom.

  • Encore Classes

    Recorded classes that you have access to for 24 hours after so you can tune in at your own convenience.

  • On Demand Classes

    We will also have on demand classes added to the membership on a regular basis.

  • Educational Videos

    Stress management tips, sleep specific programming, morning routine videos will all be added regularly to our on demand library. 

  • Introductory Videos

    Tips on how to set your home space up, & videos introducing you to some techniques used in class so you are prepared and ready for success. 

  • BH Community

    Join the BreathHouse Community online and in person and be the first to know about workshops, experiences and retreats. 


Reduces Stress

By taking deep breaths, your heart rate slows, more oxygen enters our blood stream and the brain triggers the body to relax.

Relieves Pain

Deep breathing triggers the release of endorphins, which combats pain.

Amplifies Focus

Allows for more presence and focus whether that is at work or at home with your kids. 

Boosts Energy & Immunity

When there is more oxygen in the blood, the body absorbs nutrients and vitamins more easily, which cleans the system and improves stamina.

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