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Encompassed in this online platform, the Center of MVMT provides education and empowerment to you at home. By expanding our support, you are able to achieve the quality of life you deserve in more ways than ever before.


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BreathHouse Membership 

A monthly membership

designed to promote mindfulness, awareness and decrease stress.



A monthly membership designed to encourage healthy daily movements and increase core strength.

Movement &

Daily Life Bundles

Choose from several video series bundles where you will learn strategies to explore a specific intention or movement.


What a few of our patients say


TCOM patient

"I can't begin to describe how much help and hope the entire TCOM team have brought for me in the last few years. Transformational. From helping get aches and pains under control, to classes and one-on-ones educating healthy movement. Even diving deep into little personal habits and mindsets that keep us in pain, and providing a safe and inspiring place to practice moving past those roadblocks! Love love love! You guys are doing something beautiful here!"


TCOM patient

"The Center of Movement is second to none in the abundant services they provide and community they have fostered. From the first visit it was very clear that the team is extremely knowledge and passionate about their craft. I would highly recommend Dr. Matt, Dr. Sarah, Justine and team to all of my friends and family!"


TCOM patient

"TCOM is the place to go for your chiropractic, health and wellness needs in the Twin Cities. They are amazing! Continually help with any aches and pains as well as promote overall well-being."


TCOM patient

"The Center of Movement is a great place to come to! What sets Dr. Matt apart from a lot of other chiropractors is his implementation of Foundation Training, which he is certified in. Foundation Training is a corrective exercise technique that strengthens people's backs, posture, and ability to move better.
The great thing about Dr. Matt using Foundation Training with his patients is that it allows the patient to have a much more active role in healing and improving themselves. This way, Dr. Matt gives you the skills, exercises, and confidence to work along with him in improving your current situation wherever you may be.
The use of Foundation Training, as there aren't many chiropractors in the area that are certified and use this wonderful modality, along with his other chiropractic techniques is why I would recommend this place to anybody that is in search of: chiropractic care, pain management, performance improvement."


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